The tax on pensions of pensioners has been raised to 11%. What should pensioners do?

The tax on pensions of pensioners has been raised to 11%. What should pensioners do? The end of the year marks the official end of the program of payment of state pensions to the population.This has come into force for millions of pensioners in the Russian Federation. As a result, it became necessary to revise the pension tax base, which resulted in the increase in the level of personal income tax paid by pensioners. And this was done in the New year, in the midst of the anti-virus self-isolation regime of President. Pensioners should not be alarmed and sharply criticize the increase in personal income tax (and the increase in the maximum rate of tax). It is they, and only they, should pay taxes. Alas, there are no significant savings with which to pay for the cost of living in our country, and a large number of pensioners have found themselves in this situation. What should pensioners do in this situation? 1) pay more Tax Yes, the tax rate on interest on the loan has increased. But it is important to understand that the state will not lend a helping hand to pensioners (and their dependents) in any way). 2) Pay more attention to taxes All pensioners will have to pay additional taxes. Especially in view of the fact that the increase in personal income tax to 14% will not be revoked.But in General, it will be possible to say with confidence that this is the first time in our country taxes have been raised in this way. And if in the past it was not possible to pay more than 14% on capital gains and dividends, then now it is possible to do so.3) Increase your pension income Expectations and performance indicators for 2020 were extremely low. And this is not surprising at all — after all, expectations are based on past performance. And performance indicators are measured by the size of your pension capital (i.e., the size of your investment). And so far, pensioners in our country have very little money to pay for their investments.4) Pay less for your car (and other) Agree that this is a universal truth. Pay more for parking lots and for a new phone. And for taxi drivers, who are also expected to pay more than normal fines.5) Pay more for your apartment If you are used to paying less for housing and for utility bills, then you should reconsider this practice. Because in 2020, you will have the opportunity to increase your income by up to 3 times. 6) Buy more expensive items of clothing and household appliances This will be a very tempting deal.And many companies will "lose weight" by offering to exchange their more expensive products for cheaper items. But be sure to weigh what you are willing to spend the money on:therefore, "at